What is Archcraft?

Archcraft is just another Linux distribution, made on top of Arch Linux. It uses window managers and lightweight applications, which makes it super fast. With pre-configured settings, Archcraft provides you the best out of the box window manager experience.

Archcraft Screenshot


  • Minimal

    Archcraft is very minimal and lightweight. It can run under 500Mb of memory as it only uses window managers and some lightweight applications.

  • Stunning

    Flat and pastel colors, the consistency among all the UI elements, And various themes make Archcraft look very clean, minimal and Stunning.

  • Powerful

    With latest softwares and built-in support for AUR, and being lightweight, Archcraft gives you the power to do whatever you want on your Linux PC.


Join the official communities of Archcraft, A bunch of friendly places to discuss issues, share experience, etc.

Need A Custom Linux OS?

If you're looking for a custom Linux OS, Specifically tailored according to your needs and work, then you can hire me. I can create a fully customized Linux OS with any Window Manager or Desktop Environment and everything else you want in it. I've already done that for a few people, who are completely satisfied with my work. If you're interested, feel free to contact me.
Note : This is a paid service. Contact me, Only if you're willing to pay for the work.